About Us


Next Stone Quartz is a revolutionary surface material composed of 93% high-grade quartz that offers both beauty and strength. Next stone quartz surfaces is far from the average countertop. Its benefits include stain-resistance, scratch-resistance, heat-resistance and anti-microbial protection. Designers world-wide have used quartz surfaces over any other leading surface material due to its natural hardness and durability that provides very low-maintenance. Not only is Next stone quartz ideal for kitchen and bathroom settings, its surface material can be used in just about any area you desire such as laundry rooms, fireplace surrounds, and office settings. The possibilities are truly endless. Next stone quartz also offers a wide array of colors and styles, that suites any design palette. Unlike any other stone surface, Next Stone quartz does not require sealing. Built to last a lifetime, Next Stone will endure every day wear and tear with a higher resistance to stains, chemicals & heat than most natural stones. Next Stone offers a wide selection of competitively priced quartz stone and fast delivery. Our strategy is to provide our customers with exceptional quality and service by providing the best quartz surface that embodies beauty, durability, and functionality.